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Cut operating costs significantly and dramatically improve your ROI.

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IT Services

Operate your business with confidence knowing you are supported by a team of experts with the breadth of experience to help resolve your IT issues quickly and reliably. Our business is founded on integrity and honesty, and we help you focus on your long-term business needs when making recommendations.



HR Business Solutions

Our customized solutions help you expand your business and achieve your goals with a global and dynamic HR mind set. Our team will transform the complexities of managing HR into a tangible, understandable, and enjoyable way to conduct your business. We’ll also help you keep your employees happy while keeping them aligned with your business requirements.



"The IP Living team was very professional and knowledgeable with competitive prices. They upgraded our network, provided the VOIP solution we needed, and saved us tons of money."

”I can't say enough good things about IP Living. They really went above and beyond to get us set up and ready to go in ONE DAY.”

”As a CIO, I am always looking for new technology to cut costs and improve efficiency. It only took one meeting to be convinced that IP Living had all the tools and knowledge to get us there.”