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Network Services

Managed Network Services delivers support for your data and voice solutions 24x7x365 so you can focus on your core business.

Managed Network Services

With managed networks, your networks are monitored 24/7, meaning that we notice any problems before you do, ensuring that they are properly investigated and resolved as soon as possible, thus minimizing any potentially negative business impact from network related issues.IP Living can save you a lot of money by freeing you up from the IT housekeeping that is network management and support.

Features and Specs

Turnkey services

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Management 
  • Monitoring

Physical management

  • Break-fix and onsite support
  • Monitoring and management through your operations team

Equipment options

  • Cisco routers
  • Adtran Integrated Access Devices, Routers and Session Border Controllers

Network services

  • Internet
  • SIP Trunking

Secure portal access

  • Dashboard view 
  • Performance reporting
  • Network health monitoring
  • Service, order, billing and SLA management
  • Automated alarming, customer notification and ticketing

Professional services

  • Network audits
  • Migration planning
  • Site readiness
  • Project management

On-premise network infrastructure solutions

When we talk about an on-premise network infrastructure, we mean a network within the organization that can be securely accessed by only the employees. We do it with:

  • Network
  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Data Protection
  • Applications

Rack & Stack / Mass Equipment Pre-configurations and Remote Installations

Eliminate the labor-intensive tasks that must occur every time new a server cluster, storage devices or networking gear is installed.

Our experienced technicians can rack, cable, and configure your equipment on-site at your data center or preconfigure prior to shipping at our facility and remotely guide the installation process providing precise instructions, ensuring consistency and exceptionally high quality.

Our rack & stack services include:
  • Configure your equipment on-site or preconfigure prior to shipping.
  • Rack layout design and recommendations as per best practice
  • Inventory check, labeling, and serial number recording
  • Assembly and rack mounting
  • Intra-cabinet cabling as agreed design (color coded cabling if required)
  • Verify high-availability configuration
  • Documentation of layout and cable runs
  • Rubbish removal and full destruction of retired equipment

Upon completion, detailed rack and cabling layout diagram is provided back to customer for recording purpose to simplify ongoing support.

IT asset management and warranty management

IT asset management (ITAM) join financial, contractual, and inventory best practices to support life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment.
Our ITAM allows an organization to keep track of:

  • What systems and equipment exist
  • Where components reside
  • How they are used
  • How long have they been used
  • What they cost
  • When added to the inventory
  • Whether they have an expiry date

This level of visibility into asset details will help organizations improve infrastructure efficiency and performance and minimize related overhead expenses. We can also manage the warranty coverage and go through tedious claiming process on your behalf.

We make your network services better!

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