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Do you like shopping?

What do you buy?

Your favorite product/service (1st option) or the other ones (lesser options)?



Do you like eating?

What do you eat?

Your favorite dish or the other ones (lesser options)?


Do you like to go out?

Who do you invite?

Your favorite people or the other ones?




How do you buy clothing?

What size did you buy?

The size that fits or the other ones?


While brushing my teeth this morning, this powerful idea of The Jumping Effect came to my mind.

So, what is this Jumping Effect?

This force, as emotion, that makes you smile, run, take action, move, make the call, send the email, the message, to say I want this. (Meaning- Jump)

It happens in many areas and moments in our life, and I hope you jump to many things that inspire you because they are so clear that you will jump on them in a bit.

For the purpose of our Recruiting Topic.

We have:

Hiring Leaders (Companies) Recruiters Candidates
WHAT MAKES YOU JUMP (This is a short transparent list… YES, are other important things, but I am talking generally, in the practical dimension on the NOW). Qualified candidates easy to work with (The Talent that you want, ready to go and perform). (Competencies, skills, attributes, readiness, ambition, expectations, desire, needs live here). Exciting companies to work with (The clients that you want, ambition, desire, challenges, opportunities, live here). Exciting companies to work (Product, Service,  Sector, Culture, type of work, lifestyle, ambition and desire live here).
Effective recruiters and Talent Acquisition Teams that bring you the right candidates. (Competencies, skills, resources, strategies, live here). Good Hiring Leaders to work with (Your good clients live here, they know what they want, are clear, provide feedback and are highly committed with the recruiting process). Good leaders to work with (Styles of leadership live here).
Qualified candidates to work and engage (place) within the now (Competencies – skills, timing, readiness, live here). The Job in itself (The things that you will do if you got the job) (Competencies – skills, lifestyles live here).
Positions & Fees– that you want to fill and win (Your pipeline, expertise, ambition, desire, challenges and opportunities live here). Salary and Benefits (That you would love to have – Your ambition, expectations, desires, needs, lifestyle live here).
Challenges and Opportunities (That you would love to experience) (Your competencies skills, performance, potential, career expectations, desire for growth live here).
Titles (That you would love to have -Your ambition, desire, career expectations live here).



So, I hope at this point you understand what I am talking about.



I am talking about JUMPING because of you

Interview a great qualified candidate or you got contacted or interviewed for a great opportunity and have a potential offer on the way!

Here is where we JUMP, or maybe because:


A qualified candidate is in our pipeline

Our in-mail has been responded to

A hiring leader is contacting us with positive feedback

An offer is in our email inbox

We have a green light to extend a verbal offer or formal written offer

The hiring manager is calling us, asking for confirmation that you as candidate, accepted the offer.

You as a candidate, received an offer

You as a hiring leader found a qualified great candidate for your incredible team


OH YES! YES, SI, OF COURSE, SEGURO, CLARO QUE SI, F YES! These are the things that make us JUMP.


If you are a hiring leader and you are not receiving a qualified candidate

If you are a candidate looking for job and you are not receiving the right opportunity

If you are a recruiter looking to find qualified candidates and you are not finding them


STOP doing what you are doing, it is not working.


STOP buying those compassionate feedbacks out there or excuses because they do not help.


There is something that we can do better.


In the Recruiting world, one of the main struggles is to show clearly that the opportunity, company and candidate are right for each other.

Here are my top recommendations for you to STOP, DO and make the JUMP (Saying, smile, celebrate, YES! I am talking to achieve your desired goal).





  1. Stop accepting the compassionate feedback that is not helping you.
  2. Stop doing what you are doing it and review your actions objectively.
  3. Stop buying stories that are not yours. No one will tell you for sure how is a company or a leader, and you won’t know for sure until you are there.



  1. Decide your career path, focus on your current competencies.
  2. Create a good resume, articulating clearly your experience and skills and apply for the right opportunity that matches with your talent and career expectations. (I know, I know, some of you, would say, what happens if I do not have the experience? Why resumes are important? Well, I will solve these questions later, in another blog, but for now, do not detour. I am here to tell you, focus on the now, and how you demonstrate the way you can perform?




  1. Apply for the right opportunity (Not for a bunch, be selective, JUMP for those that inspire you and matches with your current competencies).
  2. Answer the in -mail message that might be seated in your LinkedIn inbox with an invitation from a recruiter to talk about potential opportunities. (And, yes, you are making a mutual favor, on your benefit and for our benefit – because every time that you answer with a yes or with a no, as recruiters we get credited with an in-mail message, and you are opening doors.
  3. Dedicate quality time to job search work.
  4. Manage your time and energy smartly (Please do not apply for hundreds of opportunities, be selective, target your best ones).
  5. To create a mindset (internal dialogue that help you). In case that you feel and think that you are unemployed, NO, you are not unemployed, you are working for YOURSELF LLC and it is an amazing vital job.


RESULT: Accurate resume and job search strategy





  1. Stop following job descriptions that probably you did not even write it or understand.
  2. Stop comparing people, hiring decisions can be scary if you are thinking with a negative perpetual mindset. No one will tell you for sure how a candidate is going to be until you both work together. (Yes, we have assessments, and they are great tools, but all of that are only predictors).



  1. Create your short realistic list that a candidate must have.
  2. Commit with the recruiting process and decide in a timely manner.
  3. Review your compensation and overall offer.
  4. Communicate effectively with your recruiter, Talent Acquisition Team or Firm.



  1. To do good interviews
  2. To decide promptly, trust the process.
  3. Provide Feedback
  4. To hire talent based on competencies


Result: Accurate short list of must haves – fair / good overall offer / recruiting strategy / offer





  1. Doing the same without good results.
  2. Following job descriptions that no one understands.



  1. Do a deep honest analysis to check your skills, sources, strategies.
  2. Be creative and resourceful.
  3. Take the risk, send the message, make the call, tell your sources what talent you are looking for.
  4. Present clear opportunities, include salary. Transparency is your best Ally.



  1. To buy and implement new technology tools.
  2. Plan new strategies to source and filter right candidates and companies better.
  3. Leverage your skills.
  4. Ask for feedback.
  5. Be a true consultant expert that helps create a good recruiting process


Result: Competencies – Skills – good clients, candidates, offers.


Recruiters, Candidates and Hiring Leaders, we are connected with the same purpose:


  • Identify the right opportunity – candidate – leader – company – offer.
  • And when we clearly see them, we should JUMP.
  • Get excited on the journey, do your work, decide, and JUMP.



And before we finish, please remember:


  • For honest conversations. (Yes. Thank You / No. Thank You)
  • For possibilities. (Tell me more, ask for opinions, trust your gut, well and if you do not trust it too much, ask for help, we are here (External support acting as your extended team or your internal Talent Acquisition Team)
  • To create new stories. (No story is the same, no candidate is the same, no company is the same, no recruiter is the same, past, present, future are not the same, processes are not the same).
  • Take smart planned risks. (No one of us knows for sure what the future holds).


It is a perfect time to change the narrative.


Time to JUMP more.


Are you ready? Let’s do it.


Thank You all for reading.


I can’t wait to hear about your new jumping journeys.


Happy Jumping!


Ivonne Castro

Managing Partner HR Business Solutions


Talent Acquisition Lead, Talent Passionate, and Coach.